Robert Frost writes a paper


First it was Lewis Carroll and Jabberwocky and now it is Robert Frost and his poem Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening that receives the EPET treatment. Here is poem #2 in our series of famous poems rewritten from a graduate school perspective.

Thanks to Diana Campbell for following up a brief conversation at a party with a great first draft. Danah Henriksen and I jumped in and put in our two cents as and when not needed. Without further ado, here is:  Stopping by the college on a snowy evening


Stopping by the college on a snowy evening

Whose thoughts these are, I do not know.
How came they to my paper though?
My sleepless haze and writer’s fear
Brought rambling words I soon must show.

My little car must think it queer
To find a parking spot so near.
The Sparty’s closed. No coffee break
All silent halls, this late of year.

My prof will give his head a shake
Clearly this paper’s a mistake
Till then the only sound’s the sweep
Of words lost in revisions wake.

A rest sounds lovely, dark and deep,
But I have deadlines yet to keep,
And drafts to go before I sleep.
And drafts to go before I sleep.

Photo by Punya Mishra

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