It is that time of the year… the time for the Mishra/Sawai family new year’s video. As tradition has it the video needs to be some kind of a typographical animation, typically a play with words that is synchronized to music, and attempts to incorporate a visually interesting “aha!” moment. The video never includes people (except for may be a still-shot of the entire family somewhere towards the end).

The videos have become more complex over the years and the challenge, of course, is to create something that exceeds what we did the year before. Our budgets have also risen – going from zero when we first started  to around $10 this time around. What has not changed is the fun we have in creating these videos and sharing them with all of you. Below is our latest video, titled Point of View: Happy 2014. Enjoy.

Wish you a great 2014!
From Shreya, Soham, Smita & Punya

Here are links to the videos from the previous years (along with some other videos made as a family):