Technology Surveys for K12 students

by | Thursday, September 12, 2013

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I received an email from one Holly Marich, a doctoral student in our hybrid-PhD program, asking if I knew about any  technology usage surveys her school district can give their K-12 students. I didn’t know of one so I sent out a tweet:

The network responded with these two results. I am posting them here (for the record).

The first is Your Own Technology Survey and it is out of England. It doesn’t have significant footprint here in the US but they ARE interested in finding schools/districts would would like to work with them.

The second suggestion were a set of three surveys developed by researchers at the Friday Institute at North Carolina State University. They are, (a) RttT PD Teacher Leaders Survey; (b) STNA-S: School Tech Needs Assessment for Students; and (c) STNA: School Technology Needs Assessment. I was informed that the teacher version has been taken by hundreds of teachers (as part of the North Carolina IMPACT model) and has been validated (see here for pubs that have come from this line of work). The students’ version is new.

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