Creativity AmbigramThe latest in our series Rethinking Technology and Creativity in the 21st Century is now available. The article was co-authored with Danah Henriksen (and the Deep-Play Research Group) and it titled: A NEW approach to defining and measuring creativity. In this article we seek to provide a definition of creativity, and in turn offer an example of an ongoing research project in which this definition is being used to develop rubrics for evaluating the products of the creative process. Here is a link to the full article

Mishra, P., Henriksen, D., & the Deep-Play Research Group (2013). A NEW approach to defining and measuring creativity. Tech Trends (57) 5, p. 5-13. 

Here is a key quote from the article:

In this paper, we provided a NEW (Novel, Effective, Whole) definition of creativity as well as introducing a possible way of using this definition to create a contextual, flexible rubric for evaluating creative products. While this is clearly a work in progress, it is through the use of such emergent and flexible structures for evaluating creativity that we hope to provide a way of measuring creative work in the classroom. We understand that there always will be an element of subjectivity in this process; just as there is subjectivity in any open-ended, complex, artistic or problem-solving work or thinking (Mishra & the Deep-Play Research Group, 2012). It is, however, important to have a structure to guide judgment and give each project or artifact a fair, systematic, consistent and comprehensive assessment. This examination of the meaning and definitional components of creativity, along with our current work in the evaluation of the products of the creative process, is meant to further the broad understanding of the topic and its role in teaching and learning.

This article continues the series of papers that the group has been writing. Here is a complete list

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