I just discovered that Learning & Leading with Technology had an article, back in 2010, about the TPACK game. The TPACK game is something Matt, Judi Harris and I had come up with for the National Technology Leadership Summit in Washington DC, back in 2007. Matt has even created an online version, something I had blogged about previously here. Anyway, the article by Karen Richardson describes the game in some detail (see here for a PDF of the entire issue – then scroll down to page 34 for the actual article: TPACK Game On). What was interesting was that in the introduction Karen credits two of us (Punya & Matt) as first proposing the TPACK framework back in 2006, (and this is the interesting part) when we were “graduate students at Michigan State University” (see snippet above).  I wish that were the case! The fact of the matter is that we were both faculty members at MSU at that time. We were young(er) back then but were surely not graduate students! A small (funny) error in what is otherwise a fine introduction to the TPACK framework and game. Incidentally the TPACK game has now made its way into the workshops created for Microsoft’s TEI initiative.