We finished our second symposium yesterday. Titled the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hybrid and Online Doctoral Programs the symposium included presentations by faculty members from Michigan State University and University of North Texas. Ann Thompson was our discussant. From the abstract:

… A few programs have begun experimenting with … fully online or hybrid models of doctoral education. Presenters in this symposium will describe examples of current online or “hybrid” PhD programs recently developed in two different universities. The symposium will broadly describe the programs’ characteristics, successes, and challenges, giving detailed case-based examples of specific courses being taught in the hybrid or online environment. Classical issues of pedagogy are fore-fronted in new ways in these novel environments, where they further merge with issues of technology, bridging the barriers of time and distance for rigorous higher learning. We see this presentation as being of great interest to faculty and students across the conference as it offers the first experience of two top-notch programs seeking to develop a new paradigm for doctoral education.

You can find the slides here (Hybrid_PhD_Symposium_SITE2013-slides) as well as a copy of the proposal for the symposium (Hybrid_PhD_Symposium_SITE2013-paper) or see the slides on ISSU, embedded below.