It’s all Greek to me: TPACK commercial

by | Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last summer Matt and I created a couple of TPACK commercials for a video presentation we had been invited to make at ISTE in Denver. You can see the commercials here and here and the entire video here. Recently, Spyros Doukakis, a PhD candidate at the University of Aegean, Department of Primary Education, and also a secondary teacher of Mathematics at The American College of Greece, contacted us to let us know that he had added subtitles in Greek to one of the commercials! He also told us that he had been planning on translating and dubbing them into Greek – but for some reason felt that working on his PhD was more important! Really 🙂

So what we have below is a spoof-commercial created by a professor of Indian origin at an American university, starring a Turkish graduate student, subtitled by a graduate student in Greece! What an international production this is turning out to be. Mete Akcaoglu, a graduate student in our program, and the star of the video is on his way to international stardom! Enjoy.


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  1. Michael Maynard

    Made me smile, good to see that the Turks and Greeks can work together on a worthwhile project!

    But seriously, in this day and age teachers are having to expand their skill sets and incorporating the TPACK framework into their role will be interesting to see.

    I think Matt Koehler & Punya Mishra ought to be commended for this ongoing experiment.

    Como grampear um celular



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