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by | Saturday, September 18, 2010

Greg Casperson is a graduate student in our Ed Psy & Ed Tech program. He has been engaged, over the past few months, in the most interesting experiment. He carefully selects and posts to his website one poem every day! Greg’s RSS feed has become one of the first things I check out every morning. He has impeccable taste, since, for one reason or another, he seems to select poems and poets that I love.

I had been wanting to blog about his “poem a day” website for a while now but then he did something that caused me to question his taste! He posted a poem written by me! I must admit I loved the attention but, truth be told, I am not sure I deserve being in such exalted company. What he posted this Friday was a poem I had written and posted on my blog, a few months ago. I wrote this poem in response to a poem by Grace Paley. I had come across Paley’s poem in a book I had picked up at a sale. Though I loved the original poem, something about it bothered me. I even read it to my kids and discussed my concern with them. Then, later that evening, I felt the urge to write a  response. And an hour or so later, there it was, Poem or Pie. Greg, for reasons known only to himself, decided to do a double-poem day and chose to link to my post.

Whether or not you like my poem, I strongly recommend adding Greg’s website to your RSS feed. Trust me, there is no better way to start the day than by reading a thoughtfully selected poem. And did I mention that Greg has impeccable taste (his occasional forays into pleasing his program faculty aside).

Anyway enjoy Greg’s “A poem a day” or surf over to my post that includes both the original poem my Paley, and my response. Do take a moment to read the first comment on my post. Turns out Grace Paley’s daughter read my poem and chose to drop by my website and write a comment! How cool is that. 

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    It only makes sense that if you were enjoying every one of the poems that Greg was posting and if Greg had access to the poem you wrote that he would find it and post it. You obviously have the same taste in poems and it was simply reinforced by his actions.


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