TPACK Radio/Video Show, now on Vimeo

The TPACK Radio/Video show that we had created for ISTE is now available on Vimeo. I think this version is easier to embed and view (as opposed to a 21MB download, as it was the previous time around).

TPACK Radio/Video Show ISTE 2010 from Punya Mishra on Vimeo.

A fake radio/video show created for ISTE2010 by Punya Mishra with Matt Koehler (and a bunch of other people who are thanked in the video). We were asked to create a video for ISTE, a conference that neither of us (Punya or Matt) could attend. Our goal was to create an engaging 15 minute video that would convey our ideas about technology integration in teaching, specifically the TPACK framework. The entire thing (including the two Mastercard & UPS commercials) was scripted, shot and edited over 4 days. More details (and credits here)


  1. Punya & Matt:

    Nice production job and interesting example of how technology can be used to …. deliver a conference lecture :-) Sorry, couldn’t help but notice the irony.

    Much more fun and informative than most conference presentations; if everyone did something like this there would be no need for conferences, right?? :-)


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