I have been a big fan of Despair.com and its quirky, dark humor. I particularly love the demotivational posters, with their beautiful inspiring photographs coupled with some deeply cynical or depressing message.

Today students in my MAET summer program completed a unit on motivation. They read the standard Ed Psych motivational literature (Dweck etc.) and also watched the RSA / Daniel Pink video (that I had linked to here). And then, they created a series of demotivational posters. These posters were created in Google Presentation, with images from Flickr and most importantly they had to use their ideas from either the readings or from the Pink video. [Incidentally the video was not created by Daniel Pink, nor by RSA, but rather by Cognitive Media.]

Here is what they came up with, click on the words to see the posters. The names of the students who created them is provided below the titles.

Scot Acre
Patrick Gillespie
Marc Compton
Shawn Telford

Kerry Guiliano
Aaron Moran
Mike Bammer
Julie Howe
Addy Hamilton
Barb Bedford
Cheryl Schaefer
Hope Andres
Stacey Schuh
Grace Bammer
Mary Wever
Jessica Steffel
Sarah Blazo
Craig McMichael
Chloe Tingley
Lial Miller
Katie Lorey