SITE 2010, symposium on TPACK

I just got back from an extended trip to California (San Jose and San Diego). I will be posting a lot more about this trip but for now here are the slides from a symposium on “Strategies for teacher professional development of TPACK” organized by Joke Voogt of Twente University. The symposium consisted of 4 different presentations by faculty and graduate students from three different universities.

You can access a pdf of the proposal here and a copy of the slides here.

  • Introduction to the symposium Joke Voogt, (Twente University)
  • Technology integration in the science teacher preparation program in Kuwait: Becoming TPACK competent through design Ghaida Alayyar, Petra Fisser & Joke Voogt (Twente University)
  • Developing TPACK by Design Punya Mishra, Matt Koehler, Tae Seob Shin, Leigh Graves Wolf & Mike DeSchryver (Michigan State University)
  • Developing TPACK through teacher design teams: The case of pre-service mathematics teachers in Ghana Douglas Agyei & Joke Voogt (Twente University)
  • The development of an instrument to assess teacher development of TPACK Denise Schmidt, Evrim Baran, Ann Thompson (Iowa State University), Punya Mishra, Matt Koehler, & Tae Shin (Michigan State University)

More details of the symposium can be found on Petra Fisser’s blog, here, here and here. Note: Petra blogs in Dutch but in an age of Google Translate how much of an issue is that!


  1. Hi Punya,
    It was a wonderful conference and the various presentations on the usefulness and applications of TPACK provided a deeper insight of TPACK.

    Could you remove the word “teacher” in the topic (the first one in my study.) It appears this repetion was done in the slide and seem to run through.

  2. We’re also interested in measuring TPACK at the University of Luxembourg. We have been trying to measure ICT literacy in our first year bachelor students (educational sciences, future primary school teachers) and the impact of our seminars on “learning with new media”… I think that the TPACK model makes much more sense in our context, but we haven’t adapted our course-accompaning evaluative research so far…

  3. Hi Punya,
    It was great to meet you again and to see all the other “faces behind the articles”. I think our symposium was a succes. But it gave me also lots to think about, especially when talking about measuring TPACK…

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