The futility of existence, Part II: What now?

So there’s this guy who wants to get into a balloon. Don’t ask why but he does. So he inflates these large balloons and tries to squeeze into them. And he fails for the most part. And of course all of this is documented on YouTube. For instance you can see his second try here. The best part though, at least for me, was his third try, when he does get in. Watch!


The part that completely cracked me up was what he says right after he finally achieves success. I am sure all of us who have had to strive to achieve something, have often felt something similar when we actually achieve it. There is this felling of wondering what we would do next. What would be our new goals?

I think he captures it best when he follows up: “Hey guys, I’m finally inside the balloon.” with “What Now?”

Indeed, what now?

I wonder if Neil Armstrong felt the same thing after he made his “small step for man but giant step for mankind” statement. Or Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay felt the same way after reaching the peak of Mt. Everest.

What now?

If that isn’t a metaphor for life, what is?

What now?

(You can see The futility of existence, Part I here.)

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