I just finished a marathon session of presentations and discussions with the master’s students in Curriculum Development and Educational Innovation at Twente University. It was wonderful to meet with them and discuss creativity, teaching, design, TPACK, among other things. Here are the slides I used in pdf format. Photos from the past few days can be found on my Flickr site or on the Picasa site maintained by Petra Fisser (one of the organizers of the symposium).

I had them (as one of the mini-activities around half-way through the day) write a poem capturing their understanding. Here are the poems they came up with (with the names of participants at the end). Sadly no one took me up on writing a poem in Dutch!


Once upon a time there was an idea
But now we need new creativity
TPACK came around suddenly
This idea is new, whole and effectively
The righ knows were found, finally!

(by Mirjam van den Biggelaar, Eline Roelofs, & Leonie van Eeten)

(2) This poem is in a form called Elfje. Essentially it consists of 11 words in total, where each line has 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 words in it.

TPACK model
task-oriented coaching
learning output and process

(by Juo-Lan Li, Judith van Kesteren, Larissa Odendaal)

(3) The third poem has a unique structure. I needs to be read twice, first as it and then second time after “tweaking some knobs” i.e. the words have to be shuffled around.

TURN the knobs right
blue violets are
Red roses are
Know what do to and you.

And now the shuffled version

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Turn the right knobs
And you know what to do

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