The TPACK game, Littleton version

I received an email from Michael Porter of the Littleton Public Schools in Colorado about a version of the TPACK game Michael and his colleagues recently conducted with their K-12 Leadership team (building principals and district administrators). I know that Matt Koehler and I had discussed a TPACK mashup game in our SITE 2008 Keynote but what Michael and his colleagues have done is something different. Essentially they gave their participants a set of scenarios that they then had to evaluate using a TPACK lens. They ended up what  a set of “scatter plots” that reveal the manner in which each of the scenarios integrated technology, pedagogy and content. Read the post (The TPACK game) to see just how this plays out.

Photograph of “scatter plot” generated by the TPACK game,
Image credit Littleton Public Schools & Michael Porter

I do think that approaches such as this one are creative way to apply the TPACK framework to analyze and critique lesson plans and scenarios – to identify gaps leading to thinking deeper about how T, P & C can be brought together.

Michael also mentioned a district-wide initiative (Inspired Writing) that connects “netbook technology with process writing in Language Arts classrooms.” You can find out more about it here & here.

All pretty cool stuff and thanks to Michael for sharing.


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