The futility of existence

by | Sunday, January 24, 2010

I stumbled across this little machine that shuts itself off once it has been switched on! How cool is that. I don’t have an clue whom to credit it to and would appreciate a heads up on that. I was reminded of the myth of Sisyphus which led to a great piece of hand-drawn animation on YouTube. So here they are… somewhat apt images for a dull, dreary day in mid-Michigan.

You can watch the Sisyphus youtube video here. And here is a link to another small animated gif about Sisyphus.

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It’s all Greek to me: TPACK commercial

Last summer Matt and I created a couple of TPACK commercials for a video presentation we had been invited to make at ISTE in Denver. You can see the commercials here and here and the entire video here. Recently, Spyros Doukakis, a PhD candidate at the University of...

MSU Technology Showcase: The Usual Suspects

I have been invited by Patrick Dickson, Byron Brown and Jon Sticklen to offer a lowkeynote address (note emphasis on lowkey!) for MSU's Second Annual Faculty Technology Showcase (more details here). I have created a small presentation to go with my lowkeynote, slides...

TPACK in Spanish

TPACK in Spanish

Back in 2013 we (Koehler, Mishra and Cain) published an updated version of an article on TPACK. Koehler, M. J., Mishra, P., & Cain, W. (2013). What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)? Journal of Education (193)3, 13-20. This article was...

Creativity at Wake Forest

I presented yesterday at a conference a Wake Forest University titled: Creativity: Worlds in the Making. I was part of a panel that included Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein and Todd Siler. More details about the panel and links to my presentation can be found below....

TPACK newsletter #33, June 2017

TPACK newsletter #33, June 2017

TPACK triplet design by Punya Mishra The latest version of the TPACK newsletter (#33) can be found here (pdf). All previous issues are archived here. A shout-out to Judi Harris for all the work that goes into this.

PersonalDNA & cool survey tricks

I just created a personalDNA map for myself. Turns out I am a Benevolent Inventor... beats being a benevolent dictator I say! However, this posting is concerned not with what the survey found out about me but rather about what I learned about the survey. Let's get the...

Creativity as Resistance: New article

Creativity as Resistance: New article

Image credit: The next article in our series (Rethinking technology and creativity for the 21st century) for the journal Tech Trends is now available online. This article has an interview with Dr. Shakuntala Banaji, currently Associate Professor and...


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