Sean had this wonderful post on his blog (Is this a sluggish strategy?) about this whole scientific and mathematical poetry that is going around. He links to some excellent sci-po’s written by his students (see Pushing Scientific Thought Into Art) and also provides a nice protocol for those who want to apply it in their own classrooms.

It is amazing to me just how this idea has spread. It has en-livened my life, I can say that much. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to Sean (and his students) – and what better way to say it than in verse. So here is: For Sean & his students

For Sean & his students

There’s this high-school teacher named Sean Nash
Never to scared to try anything pedagogically rash
Having written an extended sci-po
On his favorite subject, (no surprise) bio
He now expected his students to add to the stash.

Some people wonder, why? Why did Sean get this curse?
I mean this is science class, what could be worse
Than poems about bugs
And photosynthesizing slugs?
Please, they said, save kids from writing silly scientific verse.

They are in class to learn, the critics say, their days to grind
To strengthen and develop their test-taking mind
Give them definitions to remember
From January to December
Did you forget the mandates of No child Left Behind?

Sean looks at these critics, the nay-sayers, self-appointed
Who critique him for approaches they feel are disjointed
If you really want to see
The value of this, come with me
He says, his voice, for some reason, sharp and pointed

The picture is different in the classroom, as students sweat
Over the essence and meaning of science, they struggle and fret
But with effort and time
They hit on the perfect rhyme
And when done, they share it worldwide, on the Internet.

The value of what they do, the students, they do know it.
And in their poems and other work they clearly show it
Dichotomies they spurn
As they create and learn
The value or being both a scientist and a poet!