As readers of this blog know I love examples of seeing things in new ways. That to me if often the crux of creativity. Anyway here are two examples. The first curtesey of Leigh Wolf is a new advertisement from some credit card company. The ad is actually pretty average but what is really cool are the visuals.


Once I found this I went on a Google search and came up with a bunch of other cool images and resources. For instance I didn’t know that there were whole books devoted to this kind of art. Here are a couple of books by François Robert and his colleagues.

Face to face Find a face Faces

Some great examples here: Face Illusions
And then Andrew Sullivan sent me off in a somewhat different direction. If the previous example was one of finding patterns here is one example of creating patterns where little exists. Check out Dead Flies Art. Here is one example but go to the site to find more.

Dead Flies Art