Photo triplets

Christopher Bowhuis (a student in our summer on-campus MAET program) provided me a two minute tutorial on cloning myself, or anybody else for that matter. I had to go home and try it out with my kids (and a few of their friends who just happened to show up). Below are a few of the photos, you can click here to see the entire photo set on Flickr.

Three Shreyas
Three Shreyas

Three Sohams
Soham times three!

Three for tea

Three of me
Three of me

If you want to learn how to do it check out this tutorial. [Note, this tutorial uses GIMP as a photo-editing tool. I used Photoshop.]


  1. Nice work… it’s super fun right !
    Would be nice to see side by side photo quality … Gimp vs. Photoshop. If that’s not a hint i don’t know what is… :)

    I’ve also noticed, IMHO (in my humble opinion) the final product looks better if you change clothes.

    For teaching… I’ve always thought it would be fun to put myself standing next to famous people or in famous places … or similar to meet the subject matter. Just some ideas.


  2. You can’t believe just how easy this is to do. The tutorial I linked to actually makes it look more difficult than it really is. The main thing is to have your camera on a tripod so that you can take multiple pictures with no (or little) shake.

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