1. Facebook is great phenomenal on socialnetwork. But, What make me little disappointed with FB is their privacy policy. Everything that we upload there will be available for FB even we already close our account. IMO

  2. And I just realized when I re-read this… when I said “sharing” the framework, I meant to add with a stranger (no longer) who I was sharing laptop power with. Nice to have those real human connections interspersed throughout the year.

  3. …sitting in the back of a TPACK talk at NECC before Judi Harris & Mark Hofer begin… as I was sharing my level of familiarity with the framework (no expert for certain) I mentioned your name (along with Matt). So that led me to check your blog… and that led me to your Facebook post… and that led me to search for mine… and that led me to try to get “seannash”… and since I failed at that, I added *nashworld* because, as always, it WAS available… and though I can multitask like a monkey, they’re starting to talk… i’ll shut up now but thanks for the reminder… at least i scored my goofy “brand”…

    Cheers ;)

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