Fact / Fiction, ambigram

Yesterday after I had posted my two latest ambigrams (see them here) I got a message on Facebook from my cousin Sonny (the one who composed the cool music for my Explore, Create videos) saying

Big deal. I can make “fact” and “fiction” blur together till they are indistinguishable. Using only my brain! And not much effort, either.

Not to be outdone by a good put-down… I created an ambigram that really makes “fact” and “fiction” blur together… Check it out

So does this read “Fact” or “Fiction”? Or is it neither, and actually reads “Faction?” Hmm…


  1. Very nice one. Its somehow very different and original too. Given the fake controversy, I suggest that it actually reads Friction.

    BTW, while searching for whether what you have made is an ambigram or not, I found a ref to you on wikipedia.

  2. Just saw this again: I did not consider my self deprecating humor a ‘putdown’ of your skills. Quite the contrary, actually. Just for the record;)

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