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by | Friday, May 29, 2009

Yesterday after I had posted my two latest ambigrams (see them here) I got a message on Facebook from my cousin Sonny (the one who composed the cool music for my Explore, Create videos) saying

Big deal. I can make “fact” and “fiction” blur together till they are indistinguishable. Using only my brain! And not much effort, either.

Not to be outdone by a good put-down… I created an ambigram that really makes “fact” and “fiction” blur together… Check it out

So does this read “Fact” or “Fiction”? Or is it neither, and actually reads “Faction?” Hmm…

A few randomly selected blog posts…

The beautiful futility of art

Just came across this video about Milton Glaser. If you are interested in design you have to watch it for yourself. But here's a quote that stayed with me: The possibility for learning never disappears. Basically you have to admit you never learn it....

Cool i-Images at MICDS

I just spent a day at MICDS in St. Louis talking with a small but select group of teachers about creativity in teaching, the role of big ideas, the meaning of TPACK, the importance of trans-disciplinary learning (among other things). What a wonderful way of spending...

Using eclipses to see

Let me start with two questions: First, what is the shape of the Earth? And two, what shapes does the sun cast on the ground when filtered through the leaves of a tree? Of course we know the answer to the first question. The pictures from space show clearly this...

Creativity, risk-taking & failure in education

Creativity, risk-taking & failure in education

Failure and risk-taking are essential to the creative process. It is rare that good original, creative work or ideas come together in the first try. Thus, an important component of engaging in creative practice is both an acceptance of potential failure as well as a...

Mishra, Nicholson & Wojcikiewicz (2001/2003)

Mishra, P., Nicholson, M., & Wojcikiewicz, S. (2001/2003). Does my wordprocessor have a personality? Topffer’s Law and Educational Technology. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. 44 (7), 634-641. Reprinted in B. C. Bruce (Ed.). Literacy in the information...

Wordle, McCain v.s. Obama

As I was playing with Wordle (see previous postings here and here) I realized that it could be used for political analysis. So here are John McCain and Barack Obama's acceptance speeches as a word-map. Can you without, my telling you so, figure out which is which? A...

A surprise gift

I just received a gift in the mail. It was a box and in the box was One of those cool push pin toys... How cool is that! In the box was a short note that went: Hi Dr. Punya! It was a pleasure to meet you during the Quest Alliance Seminar in Bangalore. I really enjoyed...

Religious & Magical Thinking, the Darwinian way

Two interesting articles about religions and magical thinking. The first from the Economist is about how scientists are attempting to explain religion in evolutionary terms. As the article says, "religion cries out for a biological explanation," though previous...


  1. Gaurav Bhatnagar

    Very nice one. Its somehow very different and original too. Given the fake controversy, I suggest that it actually reads Friction.

    BTW, while searching for whether what you have made is an ambigram or not, I found a ref to you on wikipedia.

  2. Punya Mishra

    I know, but it seemed cooler to create a fake controversy … 🙂

  3. Sonny

    Just saw this again: I did not consider my self deprecating humor a ‘putdown’ of your skills. Quite the contrary, actually. Just for the record;)


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