TPACK videos: A few new ones

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I have come across some new TPACK related videos/podcasts (either on youtube or elsewhere) that I feel may be worth sharing.

The first of them came as an email from Matt Townsley. He pointed me to these two videos by Janet Bowers of San Diego State University. In these two videos, as the description says,

In Janet’s Math 241 class, students learn the Geometer Sketchpad Software. All the students are prospective high school math teachers. In this 1st design iteration, she uses the TPCK (Technology, Pedagogy, Content Knowledge) framework to understand how technology can best be used to teach math.

Three quick points. First, and somewhat peripheral to TPACK is something Dr. Bowers mentions towards the beginning of the video. She says that this course she was discussing was a face to face course that she had previously taught online. This made me pause, mainly because, this is the opposite of what most people (myself included) experience. Most of us transition from face to face to online, rather than the other way around. In some powerful way, Dr. Bower’s experience shows us just how mainstream online teaching has become.

Second, I think that the pedagogical strategy used by Dr. Bowers is something that others can learn from. I had blogged recently about courses that directly utilize the TPACK framework (see university courses that utilize the TPACK framework) and this may be one more to add to the list.

Third, and finally, I found some of the examples that Dr. Bowers showed to be quite powerful – though due to, understandable, constraints of time I did not get the level of detail I would have liked. The video essentially just whetted my appetite to learn more.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″][/youtube]

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″][/youtube]

The next set of videos comes from Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura. He has a series of video-podcasts that can be accessed either through his blog or by going to iTunesU. The first video podcast introduces the TPACK framework along with is own SAMR framework. More recent ones delve into specific technologies (such as Google Maps) and content areas (such as chemistry).

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