I presented yesterday at a conference a Wake Forest University titled: Creativity: Worlds in the Making. I was part of a panel that included Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein and Todd Siler. More details about the panel and links to my presentation can be found below.

From left to right: Todd Siler, Michele Root-Bernstein, Robert Root-Bernstein, yours truly

Panel on Trans-Disciplinary Creativity and Its Educational Tools – Research, Practice, Applications and Minds-On Exercises [Download Panel proposal]

Robert Root-Bernstein Beyond Liberal Arts to Integrated Curricula, Or Why Artists Need To Be Scientists and Scientists, Artists

Michele Root-Bernstein From Childhood Play to Adult Innovation: Worldplay as Creative Strategy

Todd Siler A Wake-Up Call for Cultivating a World of Creative-Critical Thinkers, Problem Solvers & Innovators

Punya Mishra & Michael DeSchryver Crossing Boundaries: Teaching Teachers to Think Creatively [Download a pdf of our presentation here]