SITE08 Keynote YouTubed!

I just found out (via These Apples are Delicious blog, and more specifically this posting: Creative Teachers) that the keynote that Matt and I presented at SITE08 is now available on YouTube!

Somebody went through the effort of breaking up the video into 5 parts and posting them on YouTube (thanks!). Here they are as links (or embedded below)Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V. Of course the video in its entirety can be found, on this website, as a quicktime movie here.

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  1. Michele, the fact that you made your family watch the video is actually the greatest compliment I have received so far! Thanks :-)

    As to how to quote from the lecture… I really don’t know. I am terrible at APA anyway. Matt Koehler (my partner in crime) often thinks that I make up my own version of APA that he has to then deal with. I think that you can just quote it and cite my website, not the youtube version but rather this link (which has the entire version in quicktime format). That may take a little longer to load but is somewhat immune to the vagaries of Youtube.

    TPACK is a framework for teacher knowledge and our focus has been on measuring that aspect. The next (and necessary) step towards student learning is not one that *we* have taken so far. I know there has been a great deal of interest in TPACK by school instructors (and I am involved in outreach in this area) but I am not sure there is any specific research devoted to that.

    Clearly both of these are prime areas for future research – so let me know if you want to talk sometime about this. Thanks again.

  2. I LOVE that your keynote was utubed! Super lecture – well done. I actually made my family watch it! I have two kids in college. I a doc. student under Dr. Theresa Foulger at ASU and she sent me your way.

    I want to quote some items from the lecture, but don’t know how to cite this in APA. Sorry such a boring question.

    Another question – have you found a system that measures any part of TPACK for effective learning from students point of view? or school administrators? I am very curious here….

    Thank you!

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