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by | Monday, March 02, 2009

I have been wanting to create a TPACK ambigram for a while now… what would be better than combining my two greatest loves – technology integration in teaching WITH ambigrams!

Finally after some subtle prodding by Matt Koehler I have finally done so. This is a reflection ambigram i.e. it would read the same when you hold it up to a mirror. Of course this makes it ideal for a t-shirt design (which I guess is the next step). To ensure that you do hold it up against a mirror I have placed some text below the image that is already reflected (nudge, nudge… ). Enjoy.

A few randomly selected blog posts…

TPACK Handbook, Chapter 1

There have been many requests for the first chapter of the TPACK Handbook (recently published by AACTE & Routledge). Below is the summary and a link to the pre-publication version. Koehler, M.J., & Mishra, P. (2008). Introducing TPCK. AACTE Committee on...

Ghee Happy

Sanjay Patel is an animator at Pixar and has come up with a beautifully designed book about Indian gods and goddesses. Check it out at his website, whimsically called GheeHappy. [You will need to go to the site FAQ to understand what that means.] The illustrations are...

TPACK Newsletter #9, March 2011

TPACK Newsletter, Issue #9: March 2011 Special Spring 2011 Conference Issue Below please find a listing of TPACK-related papers/sessions that will be presented at the SITE conference in March in Nashville, Tennessee; at the AERA annual meeting in April in New Orleans,...


Maggie Niess has a new piece titled Knowledge Needed for Teaching With Technologies – Call it TPACK published in the spring 08 issue of AMTE Connections. For those of you who don’t know, AMTE stands for the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators and you can find...

Into mindfulness & creativity

Into mindfulness & creativity

We have covered a wide range of topics in our ongoing series on creativity, technology and learning (in the journal TechTrends), including 30+ interviews with some of the top scholars in the field. More recently we have been trying to create a series of 2-4 articles...

Mastery=unconscious (contd.)

Robin Revette Fowler sent me a message on Facebook regarding my recent posting(s) about moving from incompetence to mastery (see the two previous posts here and here). She took issue with my idea that mastery requires some kind of meta-level, self-awareness. She said...

New media, new genres

There is an interesting article in today's NYTimes titled Content and its discontents by Virginia Heffernan. In this article she makes the argument the new digital, online media require new ways of representing information, new ways of thinking about how ideas are...

TPACK Game On (or Precocious us)

I just discovered that Learning & Leading with Technology had an article, back in 2010, about the TPACK game. The TPACK game is something Matt, Judi Harris and I had come up with for the National Technology Leadership Summit in Washington DC, back in 2007. Matt...


  1. Peter Le Roux

    Dear Professor

    I loved the first article I read on TPACK. I was especially stimulated by the issue of classroom practices needing to be constructed as foundational disciplines and then as cross-curricular think tanks. I have downloaded another five of your PDF articles for reading in the vacation. I would love a referral to a site where I can download more of them. Thanks for the great work. The best part about it is that it understands that school units were always supposed to be about the teaching of our subjects as beautiful, living entities. Pet e

  2. Punya Mishra

    Sean, I think we are coming up with a cafe-press account… will post it onto the blog when that is done. We will not be making any money off it (as I had mentioned in my previous note).

  3. Punya Mishra

    Thanks. I think the next step is to set up a cafe-press account and price it at cost – and let people make their own, if they want. We already have a design for a TPACK button (modeled on the Got Milk campaign – even has the same typeface). That’s the one on the front page of my website. Just need some time!

  4. Sean Nash

    Oh yeah… this is quite- quite good!


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