It was exactly a year ago, on the first of January 2008, that I began blogging (see first posting here). When I started I wasn’t sure how well this blogging thing would work out.

Now 12 months and 376 posts later – I have to say that I have truly enjoyed this. I had set a goal for myself of making 30 posts a month, and for the most part (June being the biggest exception, followed by December) I met these goals (actually ending up with more than a post a day on average!).

The design of the site has pretty much stayed the same, some minor tweaking aside.

More importantly I have come to enjoy blogging. I know a couple of people who have been following my writing – and that is great. But the greatest gain has been personal, providing me with a space to put my thoughts into words – sort of half-way between the inchoate thoughts that flit through my mind and more formal academic writing. [I wrote about the three kinds of posts I tend to generate, and how that influenced the design of the site here.]

This is what I would like to expand further in the year to come. So one of my new year’s resolutions is to blog less frequently but more seriously. So fewer links to cool sites that I run across but a greater number of mini-essays on technology, learning, creativity and play.

Here’s to 2009!