Just for the record, Matt Koehler and I have a new piece in press. I should note that significant portions of this paper were condensed and updated from Mishra & Koehler (2007), with permission from AACE. Email me if you want a draft copy. The complete reference and abstract is given below:

Koehler, M.J. & Mishra, P. (in press). What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)? Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education [Online serial], 9(1).

Abstract: Abstract: In this paper we describe a framework for teacher knowledge for technology integration called Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (originally TPCK, now TPACK: Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge). This framework builds on Shulman’s construct of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) to include technology knowledge. We argue that the development of TPACK by teachers is critical to effective teaching with technology. We begin with a brief introduction to the complex, ill- structured nature of teaching. We consider the nature of technologies (both analog and digital), and how the inclusion of technology in pedagogy further complicates teaching. We describe the TPACK framework for teacher knowledge in detail, as a complex interaction among three bodies of knowledge: Content, Pedagogy, and Technology. We explain how these bodies of knowledge interact, both theoretically and in practice, to produce the types of flexible knowledge needed to successfully integrate technology use into teaching.