I guess this is the final update on the David Jiles, Ph.D. plagiarism saga. Those of you who came in late can get the complete picture by starting from David Jiles, Ph.D., Creativity Expert, Plagiarist!

The sequence continued as follows: Emailing a plagiarist | Plagiarism, note to Root-Bernstein’s and Creativity Portal | David Jiles plagiarism issue, update | Plagiarism, update II | Update III | Update IV | Update V

This has been an interesting experience – both in terms of tracking these issues down and seeing people’s responses to my blogging about it. Some quick updates:

First, almost all of David Jiles Ph.D.’s writings (at least those I had found on the web) have been pulled off. Some people did it just on reading my postings, while others did it after getting the Root-Bernstein’s book and checking for themselves. Those who did the latter were blown away by the extent of the plagiarism. I am not kidding when I say that this is the most blatant plagiarism I have ever (and I mean, ever) come across.

Second, most websites chose to merely delete the offending passages (as I said, usually taking me at my word, which is kind of funny given that that is how they had gotten fooled in the first place, taking someone who sent them a note at his word!). The only exception is the Young Bright Minds & Inventors Academy, who have been skeptical of my statements, and only upon realizing that what I had written was just the tip of the iceberg, did they take action. They did that in a transparent manner, posting a note on their front page (here).

Third, the book authored by David Jiles, Ph.D., on Lulu Press has been pulled off. It appears that Lulu press is refusing to reveal the contact information (apart from the gmail address which was publicly available) of Dr. Jiles. However, this is not something I have pursued, I just got this information second hand.

Fourth, I now have with me copies of lots more articles that Dr. Jiles was trying to get published. This adds to all the other articles I had downloaded on to my computer.

Finally, I have some possible background information about Dr. Jiles, that I am not revealing at this time. Anyway my interest was never in tracking him down. My goal was to have these pieces removed from public view, and due credit be given to the real authors, and I think in that I have been successful. As to whether Dr. Jiles should be charged legally I leave to others, the authors, the website owners who were directly harmed by his cheating behavior.

All in all this has been an interesting experience – and one that I have learned quite a bit from. I really wish I didn’t have to do it – but once the scope of the copying became clear there was no way one could let it go.