Here is an email from Rita Selle-Grider, of Young Bright Minds & Inventors Academy. I have spoken about her response (which I admired, contrasting it with some of the other responses I have been getting).

I include the complete email below (with her permission). What has been impressive, in my mind, is Rita’s approach to this entire mess. Not seeking to place blame (or cast aspersions) where they are not due, Rita has shown a transparency and a willingness to learn from this experience that speaks volumes to her open-mindedness. Isn’t this, at least to a large extent, what creativity and a creative mind-set is all about? This is, of course, in sharp contrast to some of the other emails I have been receiving from people who had hosted articles by Dr. Jiles.

Rita read my email and posting, but did not take my word for it. For all that she knew, I could be the fraud, seeking vendetta against David Jiles, Ph.D. for some reason. She ordered the Sparks of Genius book and checked it against Dr. Jiles’ writing and came to the same conclusion I did. But that’s not all. She will be pulling all of Dr. Jiles’ articles from her site AND will be adding a note and a link to my website about this unfortunate incident. She will mention it in her weekly newsletter and add a link there as well.

What a contrast to others who have attempted to merely sweep this issue under the carpet, or better still cast my actions as being nothing but “naming and shaming.” As she said in another email to me, ” If there is a wrong doing – it needs to be addressed and furthermore, justice claimed.”

In conclusion, I must say that if there is anything good that has come of this, as far as I am personally concerned, it is getting to know that people like Rita exist. She is truly deserving of my thanks.

For the record here is the email that she sent to me:


I have double checked “Sparks of Genius” with the text from Dr. Jiles, and YES, you are right! Your findings are indeed incredible and mind-boggling!

I have attached some more articles from Dr. Jiles for your further research. In the Articles.DOC attachment are some additional articles then the once [sic] you compared along the book from the Root-Bernsteins.

[I have added these documents, which I have not had the time to read, to my list of downloaded files: Punya]

All articles from Dr. Jiles will be taken down from my website along with a note and link to your website. In addition, I will mention it in my weekly newsletter and put your link there as well.

I will also email Dr. Jiles to express my utter bewilderment and disappointment by your findings along with my encouragement to clarify things and to take a stand to his criminal actions. According to the Bible we’re all sinners in the one or other way and fallen short; it’s the confession of the wrong doing and bringing things in order again.

Thank you again for taking the time to research this all and for your devotion to not just sweep this under the carpet! May the LORD bless you for all your effort!

Please let me know of the further development. Thank you already.

Have a good day,