Someone once said that all design is redesign – and it has never been truer than trying to design your website.

A few weeks ago I found out that my site looked terrible on the iTouch and the iPhone. I made a quick fix (adding a template and plugin) that would allow users on these interfaces access my blog in a readable manner. However the rest of my pages (and my front page in particular) displayed terribly on these machines. Moreover, the front page does not show up properly in Internet Explorer either and it remains a popular browser (particularly in India) and however much I would like to ignore that browser, I know I can’t …

So I spent the afternoon today fixing my front page. It now should look better on multiple devices. Sadly many of the images that were used in the previous version had to be deleted – and instead of a bulleted list of items I went with a running list separated by bars. I think this is less readable, but it does make the page shorter.

Let me know what you think?