Dewey, back from the dead

I just got this email from the Cognitive Science program at MSU inviting me for their weekly cognitive forum. Turns out the speaker this week is someone called John Dewey! For a moment I thought Dewey was back with us :-)

The title of his talk is “How do we know when we’re movers and shakers? Perception of causal agency during performance of actions.”

John Dewey! Hmmm… what are the chances that there would be a John Deway getting a Phd. in psychology!


  1. Thanks Russ. I am sure John is well qualified for a cognitive science career – the coincidence in names was just worth mentioning. Incidentally, I just met with a candidate in Game design and research whose name was Alex Games!!

  2. It’s not too surprising, given that he found the Cognition chapter in my textbook the most interesting (it’s online now at, Chapter 7). John first got his MA in Artificial Intelligence at U Georgia, then spent 2 years working at Frank Tong’s fMRI lab at Vanderbilt, so he is well equipped for a career in Cognitive Science. I’m proud of him! He’s a great kid, too… BTW, he *is* related to the other John Dewey, distantly.

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