Day 2 ended with my meeting KHari (aka Chairman) and Rags (aka Chore) – two BITS batchmates, whom I hadn’t met in almost 18 / 20 years. It was great catching up with them – but what that meant was that by the time I got back to my room I was totally exhausted and didn’t get to work on my workshop…

I was up at 5 AM (a legacy of jetlag and a terrible habit that I really need to break) and worked till around 8 on my workshop. After that I had a series of meetings – the most important of which was with KVS (of Azim Premji Foundation). I am really excited about working with them and hopefully we will be able to work it out. I am hopeful. There also some research possibilities with the Quest Alliance (the organizers of the conference), and positive meetings with many other individuals and groups. In fact I have met so many people involved in such interesting projects that I am totally overloaded. I will be posting later about some of these people (with links to their projects if possible].

The workshop went well, I think. The group was a bit too large, the time a little too short – so I had to resort to more lecturing than the kinds of small group hands-on stuff I would prefer to do. But I claim that constraints lead to creativity – I have no cause to complain :-)

The PDF version of the presentation can be found here. Once again, not much of it is going to make sense, given that my slides often have just one word or picture on them… but that’s ok.

All in all this has been an excellent conference. Off to the airport in an hour or so to go to Mumbai. I have a lunch meeting at SNTD with Dr. Kamath and Jayashree and then off to the US later in the evening.