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by | Friday, August 08, 2008

I have been playing with an iTouch for the past few days and have have been quite impressed. What bothered me somewhat though was that my website (something I have spent hours designing) didn’t morph itself as gracefully as I would have liked into this new interface. But for every technological problem, there exists a technological solution (and vice versa)…

A quick bout with Google led me to iWphone a WordPress plugin and theme that “automatically reformats your blog’s content for optimized viewing on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. It detects the iPhone/iPod touch’s User Agent and serves up the content with the special theme only to iPhone and iPod touch visitors, all other browsers will view your WordPress blog with your current theme.” Is that cool or what?

Now as I was doing this I didn’t have my iTouch handy so I couldn’t test it. I didn’t know just how well this was working or if it was even working at all. That is when I discovered iPhoney: “a pixel-accurate web browsing environment—powered by Safari—that you can use when developing web sites for iPhone.” In others words a “virtual iPhone.”

So a quick download later, I was seeing what this site looks like on an iPhone… and I must say it looks much better. So now my website is iPhone (and iTouch) compatible! Not bad for 3 minutes of Google searching and 5 minutes of uploading and testing! I am so impressed by WordPress…

Now if I could get some people to read this blog, all this effort would be worth it 🙂

A few randomly selected blog posts…

Unpacking Design & Creativity @ Purdue

The presentation Unpacking Design and creativity: What I think I know, and what I (quite certainly) don't is done, and it went well (I think). You can read the abstract here or view the presentation below Or see it full screen, by clicking here. After the presentation...

Measuring creativity, the sad news!

Chris Fahnoe, just sent me a link to a piece on KQED on measuring creativity. Nothing particularly new here but reading it sent me down a rabbit-hole of some quotes and ideas I had been wanting to blog about for a while. So here goes. All this started when I read a...

The rise of TPACK

Matt Koehler just created a webpage that tracks the citations of our original TCRecord article, as reported by Google Scholar, in real time. The reference is as follows: Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. J. (2006). Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A new...

Ganapati 08, Photos

As un-official photographer for the Marathi Group, I took a bunch of pictures of this year's Ganapati celebrations. These are now (finally) on Flickr. Enjoy.

Henriksen & Mishra, one of popular articles of 2015

Our recent article in TCRecord on how exemplary teachers incorporate creativity in their teaching (Henriksen & Mishra, 2015) was listed as one of the most popular articles of 2015! You can access the article by clicking the link above and, for the record, see...

Using eclipses to see

Let me start with two questions: First, what is the shape of the Earth? And two, what shapes does the sun cast on the ground when filtered through the leaves of a tree? Of course we know the answer to the first question. The pictures from space show clearly this...

How do we measure TPACK? Let me count the ways

The interest in the TPACK framework has led to a upsurge in ways of measuring TPACK development. Matt, Tae Shin and I recently published a survey paper on different ways of measuring TPACK, abstract and title given below. I was particularly pleased with the title we...


  1. Hemant Mendiratta

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information. Helpful for a blogger like me. Will use the same plugin for my website and see if it helps. Thanks!

  2. Halil Ibrahim BULBUL

    I think upto now Iphone made many usefull ways working with wordpress. fortunatelly. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  3. Greg Casperson

    Great find. I know playing with my iTouch, it really helps if a site has an iphone enabled version. Now I just need more time to play with it plus get ready for classes in two weeks!

    I don’t know about you, but sure wish my iTouch was an iPhone so I didn’t have to carry both, but suppose can’t complain about free gifts to students from Apple–a nice way to lure us in I suppose 😀


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