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by | Friday, August 08, 2008

I have been playing with an iTouch for the past few days and have have been quite impressed. What bothered me somewhat though was that my website (something I have spent hours designing) didn’t morph itself as gracefully as I would have liked into this new interface. But for every technological problem, there exists a technological solution (and vice versa)…

A quick bout with Google led me to iWphone a WordPress plugin and theme that “automatically reformats your blog’s content for optimized viewing on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. It detects the iPhone/iPod touch’s User Agent and serves up the content with the special theme only to iPhone and iPod touch visitors, all other browsers will view your WordPress blog with your current theme.” Is that cool or what?

Now as I was doing this I didn’t have my iTouch handy so I couldn’t test it. I didn’t know just how well this was working or if it was even working at all. That is when I discovered iPhoney: “a pixel-accurate web browsing environment—powered by Safari—that you can use when developing web sites for iPhone.” In others words a “virtual iPhone.”

So a quick download later, I was seeing what this site looks like on an iPhone… and I must say it looks much better. So now my website is iPhone (and iTouch) compatible! Not bad for 3 minutes of Google searching and 5 minutes of uploading and testing! I am so impressed by WordPress…

Now if I could get some people to read this blog, all this effort would be worth it 🙂

A few randomly selected blog posts…

Creativity Symposium at SITE2013

We just completed our symposium at SITE titled: Breaking Disciplinary Boundaries in 21st Century Learning: Creative Teaching with Digital Technologies. The symposium consisted of 7 presentations followed a summary by Teresa Foulger (of Arizona State University). In...

Putting technology first

Don Norman has a great essay titled Technology First, Needs Last that I strongly recommend. We have been making a similar argument in some of our more recent pieces, see here and here... What do you think of Norman's ideas? Read it first and come back here to discuss...

TPACK commercial II, Mastercard “Priceless”

Here is the second of the two commercials created specially for our ISTE Radio/Video show. The first one (a take-off on the UPS/Whiteboard commercials can be seen here). Enjoy. As always, the director’s commentary is provided below....

Goodbye 2020 (whew), welcome 2021

Goodbye 2020 (whew), welcome 2021

2020 has been a heck of a year... and maybe in hindsight (hindsight, of course, being 2020) it will all make sense. But, I think we can all agree that it is time to let it go. A lot has changed this past year but one tradition we wanted to keep alive was the short...

TPACK & Social Media at Bloomfield Hills

I spent a two days a couple of weeks ago with the faculty and leadership of Bloomfield Hills School District. The first day was a workshop on teaching, technology and creativity with the faculty of Model High School and Bowers Academy. Leigh and I had been invited...

Silver Lining for Learning, a side conversation

Silver Lining for Learning, a side conversation

We have had a few regulars on the Silver Lining for Learning show. And one of them is Priyank Sharma who consistently joins us despite it being around 2 or 3 AM in in New Delhi when the show runs here in the US. Priyank and I spoke on the 22nd of June about a range of...

A surprise gift

I just received a gift in the mail. It was a box and in the box was One of those cool push pin toys... How cool is that! In the box was a short note that went: Hi Dr. Punya! It was a pleasure to meet you during the Quest Alliance Seminar in Bangalore. I really enjoyed...

Absolutely brilliant video

The Rethink Scholarship is an scholarship for aspiring art directors and designers to Langara College's Communication and Ideation Design program. This video is to publicize the program.

Master’s course wins ATT Award

Just got the news from Carrie Albin, Outreach Coordinator of our Educational Technology Certificate Program (which is part of our Master's in Educational Technology program) that our CEP810 (Teaching for Understanding with Computers) course earned first place in the...


  1. Hemant Mendiratta

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information. Helpful for a blogger like me. Will use the same plugin for my website and see if it helps. Thanks!

  2. Halil Ibrahim BULBUL

    I think upto now Iphone made many usefull ways working with wordpress. fortunatelly. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  3. Greg Casperson

    Great find. I know playing with my iTouch, it really helps if a site has an iphone enabled version. Now I just need more time to play with it plus get ready for classes in two weeks!

    I don’t know about you, but sure wish my iTouch was an iPhone so I didn’t have to carry both, but suppose can’t complain about free gifts to students from Apple–a nice way to lure us in I suppose 😀


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