A few years ago Sachin Kalbag, then at Digit, contacted me to write an article for a special for the magazine’s fourth anniversary issue. The topic at hand was Digital Convergence, what it is, and what does it mean for our future?

Other authors who would be writing in this special issue were Nicholas Negroponte, Kevin Warwick, Anil Gupta and Ganesh Natarajan. It is no surprise that I jumped at the opportunity to rub shoulders, however virtually, with such cool people. The article I wrote, titled “Technologies on the verge…” was published in the June 2005 issue. I was reminded of this article after my recent meeting with Sachin and thought that it may be good to include it on my website.

Upon reading it again, I am quite happy with how this piece turned out. The main point I was trying to make was that understanding the consequences of this convergence of technologies requires us to go beyond the merely technical. As I wrote, “What these new effects will be are hard to imagine. These new technologies allow us to imagine new worlds, and to create new selves in this world. In some sense, this idea of digital convergence is the first step towards an unfolding journey that will spark other convergences, many of which we cannot even imagine at this moment.”

Read the complete article as a PDF download: Mishra, P. (2005, June). Technologies on the verge… Digit. p 99-101.