Matt Koehler and I had been asked to provide the plenary address at the Annual Meeting of Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (GCCCE) at East Lansing. As Jack Schwille said in an email to the College:

Our Confucius Institute is hosting the 12th Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education This conference has ordinarily taken place in Chinese sites in Asia, and has never been held in the continental U.S. before. The theme of this year’s conference is “ICT and Educational Globalization.” According to the organizers, “the conference serves as a platform for the educators from East and West to share their experiences in application of ICT in universities, high schools and elementary schools. Issues include: application mode of ICT, assessment of educational technology, teacher training , challenges of ICT in universities and schools and strategies to solve problems.”

Barbara Markle, our virtuoso of conference management, says it’s a new experience for her to organize a conference in which Chinese is the principal conference language. In my view it is good to see the university do more to recognize languages other than English as a means of global communication. Congratulations to the organizers of this event!

I wish I had been there, because it turned out to be a great presentation. As Matt said, he really liked the way the talk turned out (despite being sick as a dog for the past few days). Since most of the people were Chinese, Yong Zhao was translating for Matt as he spoke. Matt worked hard on creating “spots” for Yong to translate. The presentation was being simulcast to people around the world – which is cool in an of itself. Anyway, for the record, here’s the reference and a link to a Flash version. Matt has blogged about it here.

Koehler, M.J., & Mishra, P. (2008, May). What do teachers need to know to integrate technology in their teaching? Introducing TPACK, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge. Plenary Address at the Annual Meeting of Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (GCCCE), East Lansing, MI, May 5-8.

Flash Movie of Presentation Here

There will be a translated, web version coming sometime. I will link to that when I get a chance.