Buttoning on to a trend

There is an barely interesting article on today’s NYTimes.com site by Steven Heller on campaign souvenirs being sold by the three presidential candidates through their websites (read: From Mousepads to Piggy Banks). I thought his earlier columns on the graphic design of the elections (blogged here and here) were more interesting by far. However, while skimming it I came across the following statement:

Julie Lasky also observes that Senators Clinton and Obama both freely borrow the “Got Milk?” slogan (Obama: “Got Hope?”; Hillary: “Got Experience?”), which is less indicative of their unoriginality than of the ubiquity of the milk campaign.

I would agree with the “ubiquity of the milk campaign” part, since we are part of that bandwagon as well, with our “Got TPACK” buttons (designed for the TPACK SIG at SITE08).

Maybe we should be charging for it :-)

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