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by | Friday, April 18, 2008

I had been invited to the Second Annual Internationalizing Michigan Education Conference: Building Bridges from Michigan to the World to speak about India. The title of my presentation was Learning about India, the world’s largest democracy. I was assisted in this by Banhi Bhattacharya & Amita Chudgar.

You can view the presentation below (Flash format) and/or download the handout I had created here [PDF format].

Or see it full screen, by clicking here.

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It HAS to hallucinate: The true nature of LLM’s

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  1. Punya Mishra

    Regarding the pdf. This should actually be a setting on your browser to download the pdf rather than viewing it within the same window. Check preferences or Internet Options.

  2. yosax

    Mishra, my browser always hang when opening your PDF file. How can I download the pdf instead of viewing it on my browser?

  3. Punya Mishra

    Yes, I agree. The issue was being able to cover enough ground in the time that I had. My intention was to leave sufficient time for a good QnA/discussion. Things did work out that way, and lot more was covered in the discussion than shows up on the slides.

  4. Recovery Review

    Impressive, I think you missed the offshore business reachin India, which includes BPO, Software etc.


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