Introducing India…

I had been invited to the Second Annual Internationalizing Michigan Education Conference: Building Bridges from Michigan to the World to speak about India. The title of my presentation was Learning about India, the world’s largest democracy. I was assisted in this by Banhi Bhattacharya & Amita Chudgar.

You can view the presentation below (Flash format) and/or download the handout I had created here [PDF format].

Or see it full screen, by clicking here.


  1. Regarding the pdf. This should actually be a setting on your browser to download the pdf rather than viewing it within the same window. Check preferences or Internet Options.

  2. Yes, I agree. The issue was being able to cover enough ground in the time that I had. My intention was to leave sufficient time for a good QnA/discussion. Things did work out that way, and lot more was covered in the discussion than shows up on the slides.

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