This past Saturday the Okemos High School auditorium hosted Dances for Cause, a fund-raiser for Habitat for Humanity. My daughter, Shreya, performed a dance with her dance group (the same dance they had performed for Milap 2008). Also on the program were dances from Africa, Latin America, Ireland, India and of course the US of A, performed by dance groups and individuals from all these countries. There were slow abstract dances, and fast vigorous ones; some with just one or two persons on stage and others will over 30! It was a wonderful evening, one that made me realize just how lucky I am to be living in such a vibrant, multi-cultural community and how something like this could happen only in the USA. Congratulations and thanks to all the organizers and choreographers.

As always I took pictures of the event. You can see them on this website by clicking here, or by going to the set on Flickr.