Photos from SITE08

Matt has Flickrd photos from SITE08. Some of these photos are taken by me, but the rules are that the owner of the camera automatically gets the bragging rights :-) and since I didn’t take my camera along, he takes credit for all the pictures. Given that a bunch of the photographs taken by me have huge amounts of camera shake, I am not sure that that is necessarily a bad thing. But there is one…

… shot of night-time Las Vegas I would like to lay claim on. This was taken from the 24th floor of the Riviera Hotel and Casino on our last evening there. I shot it through a glass window which reflected a chandelier that was behind me onto the dark night sky. That’s about as close to close encounters of the third kind as you can get!

Anyway check out the pictures, either as a slideshow or as a photoset on Flickr.

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