The India themed breakfast at the College of Education, a kick-off for India Week, was a great success. [Here is a previous blog entry announcing this (and other) events.]

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who helped out, and also provide links to photographs taken during the event.

We have 147 photographs and 3 different ways of viewing them: (a) on this website; (b) as a slideshow that will open in a new window; and (c) as a photo-set on Flickr

This event would not have succeeded without the help of lots of people.

To start off, thanks to the six (plus one) individuals who took time to present their work. They are: Banhi Bhattacharya, Amita Chudgar, Sandra Hansen, Mohan Kumar, Sheba Mohankumar, Kuwar Rajendra and Katie Stolz. Many people told me how much they valued learning about India and Indian education from these presentations. I do hope that your speaking duties did not prevent you from enjoying your food, which brings me to …

… the people who volunteered their time to cook and deliver the food. The food was delicious, and as always, got over within an hour and a half. These individuals are: Anu Deshpande, Shilpa Kundeswar, Veena Mandrekar, Sheba Mohankumar, Smita Sawai, Sushmita Singichetti, Jisha Stanley and Manasi Upadhye. Sadly many of them could not make it to the event itself, due to other commitments but their effort was critical in making this event a success.

A special thank you to Smita Sawai for deciding what went on the menu, coordinating all the volunteers, and making sure that it everything was laid out just right. As everybody knows, I could not have been able to pull off this (and most things in my life) without her.

Finally, a thank you to people at MSU who helped out in ways big and small. They are: Cheryl Bartz, Ken Dirkin, Aroutis Foster, Wangjun Kim, Qaiser Malik, Eric Mulvaney, Julie Schutter, Jack Schwille, Stephen Vassallo, and Kurnia Yahya. My apologies if I have missed naming anybody.