SITE 2008: A preview

by | Thursday, February 28, 2008

Matt and I are at the SITE conference next week. He has blogged about it here… so I need to do my bit. We have a busy schedule at Las Vegas, which means less time for all the fun stuff. The big one is the Keynote by Matt and myself (more details below). Here is a list of some of the things that are happening there:

Wednesday, March 5, 3:10 PM
Paper presentation with Andrea Francis (on her dissertation work)
Why do Some Teachers Trust Digital Technologies and Others Don’t? [View Abstract]

Thursday March 6, 8:00 AM
Keynote presentation by Matt and me
Thinking Creatively: Teachers as Designers of Technology, Pedagogy, and Content (TPACK). See the web announcement or the PDF version (archived by Matt on his website).

9:45 AM
The Keynote is followed by a Keynote conversation, which should be fun. [details].

TPACK and Technology Integration: An Open Forum with the TPCK Handbook Authors. [Details]
Note, Matt and I are not a part of this forum, despite being authors of a chapter. It just seemed too much talking for us to do. We will be in the audience though.

1:15 PM
First meeting of the TPACK SIG. This will be led by Judi Harris (Chair) and Matt (Vice-Chair) with Mario Kelly and myself helping out, in any way we can. I think Mario and I are designated, in keeping with the furniture theme, as futon and vice-recliner respectively. [Details]

Friday, March 7, 11:00 AM
Paper presentation with Mike DeSchryver (on his practicum work)
Pre-Service Teachers and the Web: Does Access to the Web Enhance Creative Thinking about Teaching? [View Abstract]

Finally, there are over 40 sessions this year under the TPACK Topic (these include some of the ones Matt and I are associated with – which means the actual number of presentations is closer to 35 or so). Which is pretty cool too. Here are the links by day. (I can’t link to the whole list because of a glitch in the SITE presentation schedule/search database which does not display the entire list properly): Tuesday (1) | Wednesday (23) | Thursday (16). Also, one of the invited talks, by Dr. Nancy Law (titled: Teacher learning beyond knowledge: An ecological model for fostering pedagogical innovations with ICT) argues that we need to go beyond the TPCK framework. This is great, because it means that people are pushing against the TPACK model – which like any model is limited and can be improved upon.

All it all it looks like it will be an exciting conference. It would be good if we had a hotel room for the first night we are there but that is still to be worked out.

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