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by | Sunday, February 10, 2008

I include below a copy of the AACTE Major Forum presentation (announcement here) that I made at New Orleans on Saturday, February 9. There were other things that I participated in (as listed here) and I will post about them later. Matt was supposed to do this talk (as part of our standard exchange program) but he fell sick and I had to end up doing this. I too the draft we had developed jointly and made two fundamental changes. First, was tweaking it to match my style of presentation, and second, I wanted to dedicate this talk to R. K. Joshi, maybe the most influential teacher I have ever had. The latter took a bit more work but I think I managed to pull it off so that this dedication would integrate smoothly with the other issues and look tacked on.

Joel Colbert introduces each of the presenters and we went in the following sequence. I went first, introducing TPCK and its important role of creativity. I was followed by Mario Kelly who spoke about issues related to context and access, Marcela van Olphen who spoke of TPCK and learning/teaching world languages and finally Joe Garofalo who shared examples of TPCK in mathematics and science education.

Joel had some up with funny introductions for all the presenters, inspired by the introduction we had sent in. In my case he pretty much used the introduction Matt and I had sent him, with a minor change, which was suggesting that Matt and I were identical twins, separated at birth 🙂

I think my presentation went off quite well, though I felt a bit rushed to fit all that I had so say within my allocated 15 minutes, and did go over by around 2 minutes. The choice of having Joe go at the end, made a really good ending to the session, since some of the specific examples he used, tied in well with some of the broader themes I had introduced in my talk.

Anyway, here is a Flash version of the talk. A couple of caveats. First, there is no audio track, which hopefully I will be able to add in later. Second, the quicktime movies embedded in the presentation do not work. I am including direct links below to the movies – which is not exactly the same thing as watching them within the talk, but that’s the best I can do for now.

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  1. Joseph Kim

    Loved the presentation, I especially agree with the statement “teaching is a discipline”. In my own programming work, there’s a lot of “teaching” when working with colleagues. But teaching goes both ways, you sometimes learn as much as you teach.

    Anyway, great presentation.

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  2. Denverco

    “TPACK is a pragmatic,emergent, interactive, flexible, complex, transactional relationschip”

    As a teacher, I can guarantee that this is one of the best thing I’ve read so far. I will share this site to my co teachers and for sure they will be enlighten.

    One more thing, the presentation really is the best part.

  3. Steve

    Many years ago – when the IBM PC was new, and the Apple II and BBC Acorn were “popular” for schools, and the Internet wasn’t publicly available – we introduced technology to classrooms as young as Kindergarten, using crude LAN to integrate music, programmable robots, artificial intelligence, communication between clasrooms in different countries etc. It’s fascinating to see both the changes and the lack of change in aspects of the content/technology/pedagogy overlaps in the past 17 years.

  4. Branden

    That’s some really deep stuff… “wring from your mind a problem to fit a solution”. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one.

  5. Hemorrhoids Remedy Blog

    I like how you talk about the walls of creativity and science being illusory. Of course there are distinctions between the two, but they are not separate. Sort of like the crest and valley of a wave; distinctly different but wholly connected. Great presentation!

  6. Joice

    Thanks for the great presentation.

  7. Get Abs

    Very solid and well put together presentation.

    Look forward to reading more..;)

  8. Dealer Supply

    I’ve always believed in TPCFK and it’s role in creativity, great presentation

  9. Andrea

    Great presentation. Good job!

  10. James

    great article,informative,thanks for sharing it.

  11. Shitzu Puppies

    great presentation, thanks for sharing.

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    Nice presentation! learn a lot from it

  13. Kelly

    That was a good presentation. I thought you did a very nice job.

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    It’s pretty addictive I should probably stay away from it and focus more on my studying! 🙂


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