Ideas are cool

My colleague and friend David Wong has this cool idea, about making ideas cool. Actually, he has been espousing these ideas for a while now (check out his scholarly publications, in particular The Rebirth of Cool [Word doc]). But now this academic has stepped out of his ivory tower, and in collaboration with Regina Carey has set up this website As their website says:

Our purpose is to make school ideas cool. Cool ideas spark the imagination and stir our feelings. They cause us to stop what we’re doing, look more closely, share with our friends, and, perhaps, be forever changed. If an iPod can become something that everyone talks about and enjoys being with, why can’t an idea do the same?

Here is an i-Image David just emailed me, based on a photo I had taken many years ago. You can find out more about i-Images, and their creative ideas for using them, from their website…

Click on image for larger version

Pretty cool, if you ask me.


  1. This is a cool idea, itself. As someone fascinated by scientific concepts and minutia, the i-Images catch my attention.

    But all the examples seem to be physical science. Can it be done with literature or art?

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