Joel Colbert is coordinating the AACTE special forum on TPCK and will be introducing all the speakers and leading the discussion after the presentations. He asked each of the speakers to send him a short introductory blurb that he could use to introduce us. This is what I sent him, about Matt and myself.

Matthew J. Koehler & Punya Mishra are associate professors at Michigan State Univeristy. Matt is from Sheboygan Wisconsin, the home of the bratwurst and Punya is from India, the land where the cow is regarded as being a holy animal. It is no surprise therefore to find out that Matt is a vegetarian and Punya loves his steaks (medium rare, please). They spend much of their time on the fifth floor of the College of Education building bouncing tennis balls and ideas off each other – much to the dismay of other faculty members on the same floor.