Faculty Development by Design: Integrating Technology in Higher Education. A volume in the series: Research Methods for Educational Technology. Series Editor(s): Walt Heinecke, University of Virginia

Edited by: Punya Mishra, Matthew J. Koehler, Yong Zhao
This book attempts to offer not just a bird’s-eye view of the communities of designers project, but also to help identify broad themes and issues that can inform discussions and policies of technology integration at other institutions.

CONTENTS: Acknowledgments. Editor’s Preface. Communities of Designers: A Brief History and Introduction, Punya Mishra, Matthew J. Koehler, and Yong Zhao. Infusing Technology in Teacher Education: How Does Learning Guide Design? Cheryl L. Rosaen and Sharon Hobson. Odyssey in Technology: A Quest to Design Interactive Contexts for Exploring Children’s Responses to Literature, Laura Apol and Sheryl Rop. Sexy Beast: The Integration of Video Technology in an English Methods Course, Leslie David Burns and Stephen Koziol. The Technology and Literacy Project: Crossing Boundaries to Conceptualize the New Literacies, Dorothea Anagnostopoulos, Jory Brass, and Dipendra Subedi. Maps and More: Engaging Maps and Social Science Data as Narratives About the World, Avner Segall and Bettie Landauer-Menchik. Collaborative Development of Technology-Based Social Studies Materials, Timothy H. Little. Design as Professional Development: The Inner and Outer Journeys of Learning to Develop Online Learning, John M. Dirkx. A Faculty Member’s Journey in Using Technology to Enhance Learning, Ann E. Austin. Integrating Technology Through Community-Based Design, Martin Oliver. Communities of Designers: Transforming a Situation Into a Unified Whole, Bertram “Chip” Bruce. About the Authors.