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Structure of workshop

Note:   I provide below a broad structure of the workshops. The content will be customized for the audience and the time available. For instance, the content will be different for administrators than for teachers and will be covered in lesser depth in the half-day workshop than in the full day version. Each workshop will consist of 4 sessions (as given below). Topics will be covered through a mixture of lecture, demonstration, small and large group discussions and hands-on-activities.

The handouts, readings and resources below provide more detail on each of these topics.

#1   What is 21st Century Learning (a synthesis)
#2   Technology integration, transformational teaching & the TPACK Framework
#3   Trans-disciplinary skills for creativity & creative leadership
#4   Summing up, action items, next steps...

/ Slides

1   Slides from the presentation (a combined version of the slides used in the workshops) Coming soon... PDF icon
2   Technological, Pedagogical, Content Knowledge (TPACK) Handout: By Dr. Punya Mishra & Dr. Matthew J. Koehler (Michigan State University) PDF icon
3   Creativity & Trans-disciplinary Learning Handout: By Dr. Punya Mishra & the Deep-Play Research Group (Michigan State University) PDF icon


21st Century Learning

1   Mishra, P., & Kereluik, K. (2011). What 21st Century Learning? A review and a synthesis. Paper presented at SITE2011, Nashville TN. PDF icon

More recent (and more complete version, accepted for publication in the Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education): Kereluik, K., Mishra, P., Fahnoe, C., & Terry, L. (accepted, pending minor revisions). What knowledge is of most worth: Teacher Knowledge for 21st Century Learning. PDF icon

TPACK (what is it and developing it)

1   Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. J. (2009, May). Too Cool for School? No Way! Learning & Leading with Technology, (36)7. 14-18. PDF icon
2   Kereluik, K., Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. J. (2010, Winter). On learning to subvert signs: Literacy, Technology and the TPACK framework. The California Reader, 44, 2, (12-18). PDF icon
3   Koehler, M. J., Mishra, P., Bouck, E., DeSchryver, M., Kereluik, K., Shin, T. S., & Wolf, L. G. (2011). Deep-play: Developing TPACK for 21st century teachers. International Journal of Learning Technology, 6(2), 146-163. PDF icon
4   Harris, J.,  Mishra, P. & Koehler, M. J. (2009). Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Learning Activity Types: Curriculum-based Technology Integration ReframedJournal of Research on Technology in Education. PDF icon

Creativity & Trans-disiplinary learning

1   Mishra, P. & the Deep-Play Research Group (2012). Crayons are the future: Rethinking Technology & Creativity in the 21st Century. Tech Trends, 56(5), 13-16. PDF icon
2   Mishra, P., Henriksen, D. & the Deep-Play Research Group (2012). On Being In-Disciplined. Tech Trends. 56(6), 18-21. PDF icon
3   Mishra, P., Terry, C., Henriksen, D., & the Deep-Play Research Group (2013). Square Peg Round Hole, Good Engineering. TechTrends, 57(2), 10-14. PDF icon
4   Mishra, P., Yadav, A. & the Deep-Play Research Group (2013). Of art and algorithms. Tech Trends. 57(3), 10-14. PDF icon
5   Mishra, P., Koehler, M.J., & Henriksen, D. (2011). The Seven Trans-Disciplinary Habits of Mind: Extending the TPACK Framework Towards 21st Century learningEducational Technology, 51(2) 22-28. PDF icon

[Note: This is a more academic article than the others in the list. But it also is our (at this time) the most comprehensive introduction to the7 trans-disciplinary skills.]

Creativity & Leadership

1   Henriksen, D., & Mishra, P. (2013). Learning from creative teachers. Educational Leadership. 70(5). PDF icon
2   McLeod, S., & Lehmann, C. (2011).What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media. [Amazon book link]

McLeod, S. (2009). Effective leadership in an era of disruptive innovation. [Presentation]

Other online resources

13 The source for everything TPACK, maintained by Dr. Matthew J. Koehler (Michigan State University) HTML icon
14   TPACK Newsletters: Edited by Dr. Judi Harris (College of William & Mary) for the TPACK-Special Interest Group of the Society of Information Technology in Teacher Education, archived on his website by Dr. Punya Mishra (Michigan State University)HTML icon
15   The Learning Activity Types Wiki, maintined by Dr. Judi Harris & Dr. Mark Hofer (College of William & Mary) HTML icon
16   TPACK related videos:, created by Dr. Punya Mishra | TPACK in Science Ed, created by Jamie Smith (Ohio University) HTML icon
17   The TPACK Game: Developed and maintained by Matthew J. Koehler HTML icon
18   More at HTML icon


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